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Dreaming about the Jones Soda

So two nights ago I had a dream. I was at this place where a friend worked. I could tell it was that place in my dream, though it really didn’t match it in real life (if that makes any sense…as much as dreams don’t make sense anyhow.) I was carrying around this backpack jammed with stuff. Some stuff was needed, some stuff was just heavy and I didn’t need anytime soon. My friend was there and about to go somewhere. I was going to go with him. But my pack was heavy.

jones-soda-green-appleSo I started taking stuff out of it. The heavy stuff at least. I removed probably about three things from it. And there was some clinking around in there. My friend asks, “What is that?” So I pull out a bottle of Jones Soda that had been rolling around in some coins that were down in my pack. It’s the Green Apple flavor. I’d opened it already and drank some, but most of it was still there.

My friend says, “Hey, that’s good stuff. I like that!” I meant to give him some. But he got busy with something and I got thirsty so I drank the rest before he got any. Random, right?

Well yesterday I was in WalMart and see my friend. I tell him, “Hey, I had a dream with you in it last night.” He gives the compulsory “Oh, that scares me” reply that people usually do. He asked what it was about. But I ask him, “Do you like Jones Soda?” He said that he sure did. And my next question was going to be how did he like the flavor green apple when he speaks up and says, “Green Apple is my favorite flavor of it…” I told him that’s what he said in my dream.

Strange, huh?

Have you had any weird dream experiences like that lately?


  1. canudigit

    I have weird dream experiences like that occasionally. Kinda weirds me out sometimes but rarely scares me.

    Have you ever submitted a photo for the Jones labels?

  2. Justin Jones

    I can’t think of any dreams that weird, but did you know that you can order Jones Sodas with your own pictures on them? My cousin had a bunch with him and his bride on them at their wedding reception. With the last name being Jones, it was pretty cool.

    Justin Jones´s last blog post..Lazy Sunday

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