August 27

A regular Saturday if you think going to a meeting at church from 8am til 4:30 is normal. Wasn’t too bad, but I am starting to get a cold. Afterwards after finally coming home I catch a football preview on the local news station. And then there’s something about that storm again. Tropical Storm or something. Maybe even a hurricane. But it’s got a name. Katrina. Seems like we shouldn’t already be up the the K’s in naming these things. But it should hit somewhere along the gulf coast. That has seemed to happen more and more lately too. One actually hit the day I was interviewing for this job last September. But I really wasn’t that concerned about it. Didn’t think much about storms down there.

Later that day I hear the news that New Orleans is telling people to leave and go north because it could get kinda bad for them. The storm isn’t supposed to hit until Sunday some time late afternoon of even night. But I wonder about all the engagement plans for my friends. Did he go against the flow and try to have the big dinner and then rush out before the storm came?

I ended up texting the girls sister. I asked if they were in New Orleans or not? She said they went to Memphis instead to get away from the oncoming mess. Everything went great. They’re engaged. They are happy. God has lots in store for them.