I’ve not really been running that much, hadn’t run since the late night run last Tuesday. But felt pretty good going into the run last night.

But before the 5k, there was the One Mile Fun Run. Addie registered and ran it. The Wife ran it with her. I sat out. I wanted to save my energy for the 5k. In hindsight, it might not have been a bad idea to use that as a warmup. But she ran this one in 10:45. Over 30 improvement. Not bad for a 4 year old.
But when our race started, I was running w/ friends Cory and Alex. I thought it was probably about a 10 minute pace. My boss and pastor, Bob, was a bit behind us running with Mike Grove. Pretty soon they caught up to us and we were all running together. It became clear Bob was wanting to go on ahead, so Mike, Alex, Cory and I ran together having decent conversation along the way as Bob sped on ahead. The course was basically an out and back w/ a few loops through some neighborhoods. But there were no mile markers or people calling out times. I’m glad I had my watch w/ me. But even though I knew the time, I couldn’t tell how far.

But after a semi-dramatic finish I realized my time was somewhere around 27:40. So I took off about 5 whole minutes from two weeks ago. That’s not too bad of an improvement. But it was a fun night. We had a handful of people from the youth ministry and the church as a whole running. Even had around 10 or so people place I believe.

Running can be fun….sometimes.