Like I was saying....

Making money?

I know I’ve written about before. It’s a hobby that started as nothing but a hobby. I had been a member of some other forums online, but I was becoming frustrated in how it was run and I absolutely hated the software it was running. I knew about as much about running an online community as I do about ballroom dancing, but I figured I’d give it a whirl anyway.

It’s done well lately. Growth was slow but steady, then it took off. But now it’s beginning to cost a little money to run. And my Chief Financial Officer (The Wife) thinks it is time to explore really making a dime or two off of it (to at least break even.) Some people have told me they think it could bring in some actual profits, a bit more than mere pocket change.

So here I go. I’m beginning to explore different ideas about how to take it to the next level. And once there, explore what the next level might be and how to get there. It’s all pretty plain and out of the box right now. But the activity is there, and I believe there is tons of potential left untapped. We’ll see how it all goes…


  1. Bob

    Is your hope to gain money through advertising? Or some other means?

  2. Blake

    Bob…I'm not sure all the ways, but advertising would be in the plans, for sure. Possibly some sales of products with logos and such too. I'm just now trying to get the thought process going on it.

  3. Bob

    I would think that ESPN or someone would have something set up for web advertising, and then of course I know that you can get some google money if you hosted their ads. Have you thought about some enhancements to the site at all??? I haven't looked to strenously but I would think that if you could cash in on some of the "fantasy sports" hype, well, let's just say there is some big cash in that. The computer does all the work and with some many different sports or seasons… return subscribers is a good place to make money.

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