No, I don’t have a migraine, but I noticed a post over on Kevin’s blog about him having one. I know where he’s coming from. I use to have them at least once a week when I was a kid. From around Kindergarten to around early middle school I seemed to get them about once a week at a minimum. Man, they sucked.

I hated telling the teachers I had a headache. They thought I was like most of the kids and faking, wanting to go home or get out of work. They’d tell me, “Blake, my head hurts too. It’s been a long day. Just go back and sit at your desk and sit quietly.” So I’d walk my droopy self back to the desk and put my head down, waiting for the sudden goosh of saliva to fill my mouth telling me I was about to show her that I needed to call my mom.

It only took a few times. Before long they started letting me call my mom when I told them that. I guess they figured out it was easier to send me to the office to call her rather than having to look at that day’s partially digested cafeteria food splattered across the classroom carpet.

But I got a headache every day we had either hotdogs or hamburgers. Turns out the hotdogs were pumped with red food dye, that set me off. And the hamburgers were soybean burgers (not real meat) so I wouldn’t eat them…and not eating set me off on a migraine too. Chocolate would sometimes give me a headache too…and I LOVED chocolate…I mean LOVE.

Mom would come get me, strip me of my clothes, put me in bed and I’d have to try and sleep it off. I couldn’t eat because I’d throw it right back up. Man, those days were horrible. Thankfully I don’t have them anymore. Sometimes I’ll get a headache now and then, but not on a migraine level.