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I’m in love with Club Level Seats (video)

So I went to the Mississippi State football game two nights ago. I had some expectations about the game. They were not realized. We only lost by three. Compared to last year’s game that is a huge improvement. But I left really unsatisfied and disappointed in the game. We’re obviously not as good as some thought. And Memphis might just be that bad. But Auburn isn’t all world either.

MSU has some improving to do. And I still am confident they can. But I’m still saying I’m really happy with a 6-6 season. We HAVE to steal a game from either LSU or Georgia in these next two. We’ll see.

But how I watched the game was pretty amazing. A friend with family connections had some primo tickets. He drove up from Mobile, AL and I met him at the game. Now I knew “club level” seats were nicer and all that. But I really had no idea.

To start off, you have really big tickets. You even put them around your neck on a lanyard. I don’t know if this is to show everyone how good your seats are or what, but anyway… So we went on into the stadium and got in line for the elevator to take us up to the upper levels. After a few minutes an event staff person walks up and asks us if we’re going to the Club Level. After we not he tells us we can go to this other elevator. No wait at all (it was still a little ways before kickoff, but the line was for the people going to the upper deck).

So we get up to the top and there’s another checkpoint to pass through. A lady scans our ticket and then gives us a wrist band. Hmm. That’s new to me. But it gives you access to everything up there.

So we walk on through and I notice how nice everything is. Classy decorated. Lots of whites, maroon, and wood. There are even rows and rows of wooden lockers. What are lockers for up here? Interesting.

And then there are leather chairs and big screen televisions and tables and tables of food. So even though I had cash in my pocket to buy overpriced hotdogs and candy, I could grab a plate, walk through the line, and get pasta or salisbury steak or shrimp/crab dip served to me. Since I’m not always good with decisions, I got a bit of each. Then there were the unlimited fountain drinks of Coke Zero. I mean, won’t they have Coke Zero in heaven?

And then there was the mountain of chocolate chip cookies as big as a pancake. I ate six of them. Yes, really. And there was fruit and cheese and there was still the regular hotdogs too (but you had to get them yourself instead of someone serving them to you.)

The seats were great. Only about 8 or 9 rows probably of seats up there. So in a time out you could go to the bathroom, wash your hands, refill your Coke Zero, grab another cookie, and be back to your seat before the game started back. Or you could have stayed inside in the air conditioning and watched a little of the Vikings/Saints game or the US Open or just watched the MSU game on ESPN…while eating more cookies. You could also sit at one of the tables inside and still watch the MSU game on the field live. I came in to make a phone call and was able to hear my call and watch the game quite easily. (Oh, and those lockers I mentioned, that is where people keep their “special beverages” that they’ll add to their Cokes.)

So, the game experience from Club Level spoiled me. It will never be the same. Though I’ll go watch a game at Scott Field from just about any seat if given the opportunity.


  1. Alex

    How much are they?

    • Blake

      Face value was $55. But I think you have to buy at least six of them at a time. And that's after you pony up quite a bit of cash to the Bulldog Club for the right to buy Club Level seats.

      So I have no clue the total price of it all.

  2. Caroline Oakes

    The big tickets are new this year I think. They put the ticket buyer's name on them, I guess to keep people from stealing them or something? Also easier to keep up with people that violate rules- there are people that do. The seats at the glass (the bar looking seats) now have to be bought- anyone that was up there used to be able to sit there. Now you have to pay for them. The ones in front of the TV are for anyone.

    I'm not a big baller either, but my uncle gets those and I sit up there every now and then. I like sitting with my friends more, but it's a nice alternative to have no doubt! Definitely will spoil you.

    • Blake

      Yeah, I noticed the name on the ticket. I'd heard about it. Supposedly a way to try and keep the "other teams" out of that area. No clue if it'd work or not. I'd like to sit up there again sometime. Would like for my wife to be able to experience it if ever possible.

      When you get your skybox in a few years, promise you'll invite me up?

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