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Am I the only guy I know that’s not seen Finding Nemo now? Even my daughter has seen it…or at least most of it. She went with her grandmother, but they didn’t stay to finish the end. She got restless and couldn’t stay in her seat.

But how does Nemo compare to Monster’s Inc or Toy Story? Both were made by Pixar (just like Nemo) and I wonder if it is better or not.


  1. rick

    "better" is debatable, probably, but definitely on par with the others. what pixar has going for it is the disney storytelling machine. i didn't like shrek (another studio) because it seemed that the story was secondary to the crude humor and look-we-can-do-this-technology-thing-too. i liked ice age (yet another studio) because the story drove the animation.

    nemo is really good – doesn't talk down to kids or parents, and funny on both levels. at the same time, the story is really good, too, and that makes all the diff these days to me.

  2. yafreax

    i think the story is better overall, but not near as funny as either monsters inc or toy story. So it depends on your preference for seeing it. I liked it alot, and we'll probably add it to our collection…

    rick, you forgot Jimmy Nuetron… probably my fav. so far of the computer graphics one.

  3. rick

    yep – i liked jimmy neutron, too, but hard for me to classify it as a feature film (even though it was a good one) when i see every episode of the tv show recycled every week or two on nickelodeon with the kids, over and over and over….

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