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The Not So Newlywed Game

Not too long ago Bev and I had a few friends over for supper. You know how that usually goes. Some people are on time. Some are a touch late. But everybody makes it eventually. And then everyone eats at the table or the barstools or standing around in the kitchen. And then the guys end up in a clump while talking about sports or tv shows or how they would probably make up a good Curling team in the next Olympics. And on the other hand the ladies clump up and talk about their kids or how lame it is that their husbands watch Curling.

So this time Bev wanted to go with a theme for dinner. And for some reason she chose a Wedding Theme. So everyone wore something from their wedding or brought something from their wedding and wedding pictures and all that fun stuff. It was quite fun. But we also played a game. We called it “The Not So Newlywed Game.”

It is played like the classic Bob Eubanks version I guess. But we had five questions each. It provided quite a bit of laughs and insight as we talked through the ten questions. Here’s what they were:

Questions for the Ladies

  1. The saying “opposites attract must be true because my husband and I couldn’t be any more different when it comes to _________?
  2. Every wedding has something to go wrong. What detail at your wedding didn’t go as planned?
  3. Where did you share your first kiss?
  4. What is your husband’s most irritating habit?
  5. If your husband won $5000, what would he want to spend it on?

Questions for the guys

  1. If your wife could have unlimited access to any store, what store would she choose?
  2. If your wife could send you to the body shop for a tuneup, which body part of yours would she want worked on?
  3. What is your wife’s favorite comfort food?
  4. If you could have a second honeymoon, where would your wife want you to take her?
  5. If you wife was married to a tv/movie star instead of you, who would she want to be married to?

One fake question I threw out there for the husbands was, “Which of your wife’s friends would you most like to see in a bikini?” I asked it and then watched them squirm like crazy. But I was sure to jump in before anyone attempted to name a friend. It was funny. But what was funnier was when I asked the wives, “Which of your friends would your husband most like to see in a bikini?” I almost held it in to let the question go around the room and actually see if they would name anyone. But I couldn’t keep a straight face.

As I said, it was a great time. And I meant to mention that my wife actually wore her wedding dress from nearly 11 years ago for a while. She’s a trooper!

What questions should we have asked? Have you played the game before with other questions? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Jeremy

    sounds like a fun night… except maybe the dressing up part. I think we'd own the night with those questions, but it'd be fun to hear all the answers… how did you do with your wife?

    • statedog

      Well in hindsight we should have done better. There are always those times when you know your answer. But do I answer like I think she'll think I'll answer. Does that make sense? Like the question about if your husband won $5k how would he spend it? I figured she'd think I'd like to spend it on a new computer. And of course I would. But $5k is a lot of money to drop on a single computer. So I would probably rather spend it on a big fat trip for the five of us (or maybe the two of us) to go on. Like Europe or New Zealand or something.

      So that was my answer. But she said a new computer. There were a few instance like that. But we finished 5/10 and came in second.

  2. canudigit

    What a fun idea! #1Kid was really excited about it, too! "We are having a wedding at our house – 6:00!"

  3. Laurie Jones

    So funny to be looking for this game to play tonight at our choir party and to find it here on your blog. I said “I Know Him!!” Hope your family is doing well, and thanks for the great idea!

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