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O Christmas Tree

Well, our tree it now up! We went to get one Thursday at Home Depot. We seem to hop back and forth between a real tree/fake tree Christmas each year. But Home Depot had the best deals it seemed. We bought a $32 real tree only to find out they charged us $41. So The Wife decides it’s enough to have to load the tree back up and go get that $9 back. Turns out they had a $41 tree mixed in w/ the $32 ones. But we got that refund either way.

But after setting it up Thursday and lighting half of it, we finished the lights and put on the ornaments last night. The girls were really excited about it all. Addison because she’s done all this before already. And Ella because she liked hanging ornaments on the tree. But her hanging consisted of poking the ornament on the limb and hoping it stuck.

We’ve been listening to a lot of “The Carpenter’s Christmas” and Harry Conick Jr’s Christmas cd. Not stuff I’d listen to just any ole day, but seems to fit the mood right now. And Thursday it went from about 70 degrees to 35 degrees in a matter of hours. So the cold is here. But it probably won’t last all the way til Christmas.


  1. Rick

    Sounds nice and homey. Our tree-up-putting is put off a couple of weeks by my trip to WA, but I’m looking forward to it when I get back. Have to check out the Connick – thanks.

  2. Blake

    I would not have thought of putting one up quite this early, but Addison was really excited about it. But I know of people who were getting their stuff ready middle of November to put up.

    My mom used to leave hers up until April I think.

  3. Wes

    Putting up the tree is cool and all, but i let the wife do it.. we have a nice tree in the living room, lots of silver and glass stuff on it. we have a bright white one in our screened in porch area we let the kids decorate with their ornaments and some of my old ones, like my collectible Kurt Warner, i need to invent a fantasy football ornament, maybe alittle draft sheet on a computer screen, that would surely sell, right? glad you had a goodtime with your tree, have a cup of hot chocolate on me when you get time. it’s too bloody hot here to have any, it was 84 yesterday, ridiculous holiday weather. as for holiday music, good ole Karen Carpenter…only during the holidays could I listen to that, i do prefer the classics, bing crosby’s white christmas, good stuff. i’ll stick to that until metallica comes out with a Christmas cd. Wes

  4. g

    Be sure to water that live tree every day if you want to have it up until Christmas… or Easter. 🙂

  5. Blake

    @ Wes: Bing has some good stuff too. But again, mostly only at Christmas time would I dig it. I don’t think we’ll be hearing “Metallica sings ‘Oh Holy Night'” anytime soon.

    @ g: Thanks for the reminder. Not sure we’ve put any in there yet!

  6. Big Time

    Our tree was $45 for the 8-footer at Home Depot in Tallahassee. Are we getting ripped off here?

  7. Blake

    Supply and Demand, my friend.

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