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Oxford has such a rhythm

I guess that’s part of being in a town centered around a university. But things ebb and flow here. But I have to admin I like the changing of the seasons. And in some ways it’s almost a changing of the cultures. The city has approx 20k folks, but then you have about 16k college students that come in and out of the city it makes a difference. Plus there’s another 50 or so thousand that like to come to football games, it makes Oxford interesting.

But school started back for Ole Miss this week. And that means that parking places on The Square are now at a premium again. Restaurants are crowded. And coffee shops are lively. Right now I’m sitting in High Point Coffee (drinking a Vitamin Water (coffee…blech)) and I see quite a group of varied people.

  • A table with five middle eastern women and their baby.
  • A table with a 60ish year old man in a three piece suit reading the paper.
  • A few tables of college girls looking over notebooks
  • A dad and son have been waiting on their daughter/sis to get here. She just did.
  • Various guys and ladies hunkered over their laptops.
  • People come in with strollers to greet people, grab a cup of something, and then leave again.
  • Books are being read.
  • Scones are being ordered.
  • The grinder is grinding constantly.
  • Someone is wearing a coat and a toboggan on their head even though it is 64 degrees
  • And over the sound system I have heard Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and other poppy songs from about 10 years ago. I don’t know who’s working today, but their style of music is different from what it usually is.

But it’s good to be back, experiencing the busyness. Soon baseball will start up and crowds will return. And the Rebel Baseball team will probably under achieve once again (hope so!) But it feels good. Maybe it just feels good because I can wear short sleeves right now, but it was about 14 degrees less than two weeks ago!

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  1. canudigit

    I've always liked Oxford. I think of it as a high energy mix of words, music and art calmed by large, old trees.

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