Like I was saying....

Paper writing

I stink at getting a paper done. I can sit down and write a paragraph now and then. But sitting down and getting it all done in big chunks is sometimes hard. I gotta get it done. The book was okay, but a little far reaching. But I have to get the paper done by tomorrow and still be reading a lot of pages in another book or two.

My papers end up being decent once their done, but the process needs some streamlining. This fall I’m going to be taking two classes where I’ll have papers done. That on top of work, new kid on the way, keeping up with MSU football, and MSU football….wow.


  1. rick

    thankfully, MSU football won't take that much time – as a Gamecock fan, we know that when teams start to tank, you've got all kinds of extra free time on your hands 😉

  2. Blake

    Tank? No way, man. We've been in the tank for the last few years. There's no where to go but up.

  3. jeremy

    as a UNT fan… i have no understanding of what it means to even be in the general vicinity of the tank. Sometimes i wonder why our 8-9 sun belt teams are even in D1

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