We’ve always heard that boys are harder to potty train than girls. So we were thinking we might be in for a bad run of things once Rowan started getting ready for the transition. But to be honest, the girls were usually pretty easy. While I can’t remember exactly when we started attempting to encourage them to use the “big girl potty” so they can wear “big girl panties“.

Just before Rowan turned two he started noticing during bath times when he was about to pee. So since the toilet was right next to the tub we’d just pull him out and plop him down. But when he started getting a “prize” to use the potty “like a big boy” he wanted to get more and more prizes. It’s amazing the power M&M’s can have, right?

Rowan on the throne

We see a lot of this at our house now

So now Rowan pretty much wears “big boy underwear” whenever he’s awake. The ones with Cookie Monster or Elmo might be the favorites. We’ll slap a diaper on him for naps and night time. But it’s pretty common for him to wake up with a dry diaper ready to go straight to the potty. Sure, we’ve had a few accidents. Some stinkier than others. And I’ve missed a lot of minutes of the girls’ soccer games because he had to go to the rest room about three times in an hour. But I think in the long run it will be all the better.

So with three children having been or going through potty training, the two main keys have been encouragement/excitement when the deed is done on the potty, and a few small pieces of candy now and then for reward. We’ve pretty much transitioned out of a prize each time. Soon we’ll be done with them totally. Or maybe give grapes or raisins for a prize. Then I get to eat all the M&M’s myself!

What have been some of the potty training methods you’ve found worked best for your family?