I have been reading a lot lately online. And it’s got my juices flowing in wanting to do some different things.

First of all, I’m getting ready to start a podcast for church. This week I bought Podcasting For Dummies. I figure I’ll pour over it for a few days, see if there’s any specific equipment we’ll need to get, and then Tracy and I will start up an audio newsletter of sorts for the youth ministry. I think it’s got tremendous potential. And we’ll be able to include various kids and all as a part of it as well. So if anyone has any suggestions on what would be an awesome addition to a Youth Ministry Podcast…let me know!

We want to start a new blog on the youth ministry website as well. The site is “final”, but still might could use a little tweaking. There is a forum running vB on there right now, but it’s not really been used. I want to fire up a blog and have me and Tracy posting on there. We’ll see how the readership goes once we start. But we’ll need a nice skin for it and all. But I also bought Naked Conversations that should give me some keen insights on blogging for the marketplace, but is supposed to have TONS of transferable principles for churches. But it will keep me busy until The Blogging Church comes out.

Here are some recent blogs I’ve been digging:
The Blogging Church