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Recurring Dreams.

The other night I was talking with some friends about dreams. Not dreams of the future, but the kind you have at night while you sleep. We started talking about recurring dreams, and there was one that I thought of immediately. I’ve not had this one in a while (that I remember), but it’s fairly common for me to have it.

Here’s the dream:

I’m usually at either High School or Middle School. It’s been at college before, but rarely. But at school ready to go to class. But for some reason (I don’t know why) I’ve not been in a while, a few weeks or something, and I’ve forgotten stuff. I’m not sure where my locker is. When I find it, I’ve no clue how to get into it because I’ve forgotten the combination. I can remember scattered details of my schedule like a few classes I’m taking, but not sure what class is what period. When I do make it to class, I stand in the doorway not sure where to sit. Do I sit in my old seat (where is it?) or is it now someone else’s? How has the social structure of the class changed w/o me here? Do we have homework today? Will I get to make up the work or will I get zeros for the time missed? If so, am I going to flunk? What will my teacher’s attitude be now? Was I missed?

Anybody ever had a dream like that? What sort of recurring dreams have you had?


  1. giddy

    I've had dreams similar to that. I'd go somewhere I'd been on numerous occasions, but it would be uncomfortably different. Twilight Zone.

  2. Steve

    Repressed feelings…definitely repressed feelings. LOL!

  3. yafreax

    i have a recurring THEME in my dreams… i have a dream where i beat up this one particular guy. it's weird, cause i rarely have violent dreams, but every-now-and-then this guy is in my dreams, and if he's in my dream, i always beat him up, even if he doesnt do anything.

  4. Stacey

    I've had a dream like yafreax has had…but someone would beat up moi…

  5. Wes

    I have had these dreams in the past that seem to only last a minute or two where i am in a certain place, any place, like a grocery store looking at a certain item and someone will say something. i will wake up and think to myself, what a meaningless dream, but then a few days later exactly what i saw will happen in real life. No i am not a fruitcake or loontune, but this has happened so so many times i cannot even count them all. I have heard of premonitions before coming in the form of warnings but i honestly don't have any cool stories where this has happened to stop something bad from happening or letting me in on something good that is going to happen. I just see it for a little bit and sure enough a day or two later i see it again in real life and everytime it completely freaks me out. My wife thinks i am nuts when i tell her this stuff. For example, i will say, honey, i have seen this before, i have heard that lady say that exact thing and i was in this exact spot in my dream…but since my wife thinks i am crazy i rarely mention it to her. Maybe i held my breath too much as a kid. later

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