Like I was saying....

Routine and faith.

So I’m preaching this weekend. I think it’s going to be on faith in the midst of routine.

Funny, because my life is not that routine right now. Living 35 minutes away from work in borrowed space is sorta non-routine. And then you add a new baby to the mix. And things get even less than routine.

The Wife is a lady who likes routine. Who likes consistency. Who likes a schedule and plan. And our current life doesn’t really have a ton of that.

But I’m learning that God is bigger than any routine we are in. And that’s probably a good thing. I want to rely on Him instead of a routine.

Now I’m going to go pray and write some words down on some paper. Finish my brainstorming. Then start typing.

Faith in the midst of routine… If you have some words of wisdom…holler.


  1. Jeremy

    dunno if this is “words of wisdom” that i should “holler” at you… but i think its pertinent to note that the original intent of the Pharisees’ was not to become judgmental and legalistic… they were trying to uphold their religion and protect their faith. It was their reliance on religion rather than walking in relationship that eventually blinded and hardened their hearts.

  2. Blake

    I like that. I don’t think a lot of us today who get caught up in the routine and religion set out to do that. But sometimes I wonder if we get caught up in some of our “things” that become non negotiable with God (our house or comfort or kids athletic career) and then get scared that if we press too deeply into God, then He’ll ask us to give up something

  3. anonymous

    Although it wasn’t the deciding factor, “routine” is another reason I left the Sunday morning church services and moved my worship to the backyard a few years ago. The services I attended were seeming more and more rote / mechanical. Now I am having the urge to find an establishment, an organized group, that meets my worship needs. I suppose I am beginning to miss the community / communion I once had within a church group.

  4. g

    The life of the Spirit and walking by Faith are not accomplished by thinking real hard about it, or hoping it will get done, or waiting on someone else to do it, or by using excuses. The life of Faith takes discipline, confidence, and above all tenacity. We know the day is coming when this physical existence must come to an end. We have hope of the resurrection and renewal in Jesus, but nevertheless there are things to be done here and now.

    –Daniel Mitchell

  5. Emily

    Good stuff, Blake. I’m super anxious to hear your thoughts and prayers about routine. It’s funny, I find that when my routine struggles, when I’m short on time and long on to do lists, that one of the first things to go is the time that I spend with Jesus. So, why is it that I don’t look for and find Jesus in the unplanned moments? Why is it that the need for control overtakes my desire to just be with the Father?

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