Well Saturday was a busy day. Started with going to Home Depot for some trees. My dad bought us two red oaks and one red maple. So we dug a hole and planted the first one and then ate a quick lunch before the easter egg hunt at. But then it was off to Jackson for the Run From The Sun.

The plan was for The Wife to run the race while I waited w/ my dad and the girls. Then Addison would run the 1 mile fun run, I’d run with her, and The Wife would wait w/ my dad and youngest daughter.

But on the way to the run, The Wife calls and asks if I want to run it with her. She says that there are some friends from church there running it too. Now I still had my sights set on the April 28th run. Yes, I’d run a few times recently, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to run a 5K that day. I’d just drank a lot of Mt. Dew and it was HOT!

But as it turns out, before it all started, I decided to register and run. So as The Wife blazed on ahead, I started my slow plod to the end. For some reason, the race is called Run From the Sun, but it felt like we were in the blazing sun for about 95% of the race. But I finished the run in about 32 or so minutes. I was shooting for 31 because that would have meant a 10 minute pace per mile. But the killer hill up High Street in Jackson put a few minutes on my time.

After the finish, Addie ran the 1 mile. She ran it in 11:22 I think. She was the 2nd fastest 4 year old to run it. And she was really zooming the last little bit of it. She was quite proud.

Here are the race results in PDF format.