Like I was saying....

Senior Adults Hip Hop Choir

My wife told me I needed to post something “personal” next on the blog. And she’s right. I’ve had a lot of ideas of whta’s next, but ran across this video this morning and simply had to share. It is one that I laughed at multiple times. Make sure you wait for the last song too.

[ht to Josh Griffin]


  1. g

    Whew! Glad I only had to sit through that one time. A few of the ladies seemed to be having fun. I wish they had danced.

  2. canudigit

    Your wife needs her own blog.

  3. Blake

    I’ve told my wife I’d set her one up. Told my mom the same thing. She comments a lot on other people’s blogs.

  4. canudigit

    Bet your wife would have an interesting perspective.

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