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I can’t figure out smokers. I grew up in a home where a parent smoked. I hated it. And I think my nose got desensitised to it a little bit. The worst thing was to go to school and have a teacher or friend ask me if I’d been smoking or something because of how my clothes smelled. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 and it was really cold out. I was riding in the car w/ my mom. My mind didn’t yet understand the science behind hot/cold air and condensation. My warm breath in the car came out in a smokey vapor. It made me mad and I told my mom, “See, I’ve been around you too long when you’re smoking! Now I’m breathing smoke out of my mouth too!”

The Wife works at the Sports and Wellness Center at the local hospital. I was going up there to get her to sign some papers for the closing on our new house mortgage (we re-fied at 2.25% less on our rate! Woo Hoo!) and I passed by the local clinic on the way. I noticed a few nurses standing outside one of the side doors puffing away. And I thought, “Nurses….smoking. Do they not see that it’s unhealthy? My mom used to work at that clinic in one of the offices and I know that the nurses’ kitchen would always have a gaggle of nurses sucking down their nicotine before they had to go stick a kid w/ a shot. I just thought that people in the medical profession would refrain from smoking..guess it makes too much sense.

So then I pull into the parking lot of the Wellness Center. I park and crawl out of the car (that’s another story in itself….more coming later) and I notice a woman walking to the front door puffing away. She stops and stand by the door taking deep drags on her cig before she goes in to work out. Sheesh…I just don’t understand it.

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    It is called addiction. Weakness and addiction.

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