After some time away for no real reason at all, I’m back. I took a little time away from blogs: writing my own or reading others. So either I have a lot of catching up to do, or just going to skip a lot I didn’t read….probably the latter.

But things have been booming lately. We hired a new guy onto our Student Ministry Staff at church. He’s doing great and we’re working well together. And because of some of his ideas and my ideas and his “well let’s get it done right now” attitude, we’ve made some pretty big changes to the youth room and all. W/ still more to come.

Two weekends ago we also had our (now) annual Video Scavenger Hunt. We had a great turnout. But the good thing was the turnout the NEXT week. So many kids came back and brought new kids w/ them too. The telling point will be this next month. When the “new” starts to wear off the semester and so does the initial excitement.  But we’re now providing a great hang out time before the night moves upstairs w/ a little snack supper.

And then we’re offering a revamped “game room” of sorts. It’s like a siren call to me when I’m in my office. Down the hall I can hear the Wii and the XBox 360 calling my name. But I’ve pretty much resisted them so far.

But the new semester has been busy and a blur. But good. And looking forward to what’s around the corner.