So right now I’m sitting at home with the three kids. Actually they are crawling on me [2 of them are] making it difficult to type. But the Lakers are getting beat (so?) and Rowan is asleep.

Pat is away on vacation today. So he’s letting the crazy folks run the asylum while he’s away. Things went well this morning though. D preached. Matthew played. Jason played. And I welcomed, announced, said bye, and ran ProPresenter. Things went pretty smooth. It’s good to know that things don’t fall apart if Pat’s not there. But it’s always good to have him there too.

Pat is away on vacation. I’ll get a Twitter update from him saying he’s riding bikes next to the beach or going snorkeling or listening to jazz music in Florida. I have to compare that to what the weather has been like here. Sun, then rain, then tornadoes. [I’d rather be snorkeling in Florida too!]

Today was the first Sunday since school is out for UMiss. There was a noticeable drop in attendance. I miss the college kids. We’ll see what difference it makes tonight.