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Sunday Hodge Podge

Sunday is the end of the week. End of new thoughts, right? We’ll see. But here are a few things on my mind.

  • The last two days the girls have been out of town. This means the family dymanic is much different around the house. I actually slept later yesterday that I have in years: 9:00am!
  • Got to go see a movie last night too. I hope it earned me some good “husband points”. Because I took my wife to see Bride Wars.
  • We almost saw Rachel Getting Married instead. We’ll see it sometime, if not on DVD. Anne Hathaway seems to play a wide variety of characters these days.
  • MSU lost to UM yesterday in basketball. I can’t explain how much that stinks. And I got to go to church with a lot of UM fans today. Lucky me.
  • Friends are having babies left and right around us it seems. But I don’t think we’re feeling the itch for a 4th just yet.
  • The Super Bowl is less than an hour away. And this might be the first year I am not really into it. But it will be the first time in many, many years I’m able to watch it and not feel I’m “in charge” of anything at all.
  • If I ever watch a movie set in a foreign country of even a big domestic city…it makes me want to experience that place. I think I might want to live internationally sometime. Live. Not just visit.
  • I think it’d be cool if my wife were from London or Sydney or Johannesburg. I’d like her to talk that way all the time. But maybe we can move to Auckland or something and then our children can talk like that.
  • I’m reading a book. I’m just over 1/3 of the way through it. Around 300 pages. A few friends said it was one of the best books they’d read. So I checked it out. Almost bought it for my grandmother for Christmas (before I’d started reading it). My friend seemed to think it might not be a good book to give to a grandmother. Now…he might be right.
  • Yesterday I made my first solo hospital visit as a pastor.
  • I’ve been tagged about 5 times to write one of those “25 random facts about me” things on facebook. I’ll write one soon.

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  1. Justin Jones

    Watch City of God. It’s in Portuguese (with subtitles), set in the slums of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. It won’t make you want to go there.

    What’s the book? Is it 300 pages or have you read 300 pages?

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