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Haircut for Rowan!

It seems that when our kids are really young my wife and I think that it can’t be too hard to cut a kids hair. And we end up messing it up. And then we give it a few attempts to “fix” it. And it only makes it worse. I’ll try to find some old pictures of Ella. Her hair looked horrible. She had a really bad “boy’s haircut” for a few months when she was two.

But I had to run get a tire fixed this morning and decided to take Rowan to get his haircut afterwards. We were thinking of trying to wait until he turned two later this month for a haircut. But he was shaggy. You couldn’t see his ears. I’m not sure he could see anything through his bangs. And he was sporting a serious mullet too!

So after Walmart (and an emergency diaper change which included me having to buy diapers, wipes, and a new pair of pants!) we headed to get him all cut up. Here are a few pics below.

This was at Walmart before we left. His hair was CRAZY!

Still @ Walmart

He sat really, really still.

Bev showed up to watch from behind.

He was still, but paid strict attention in the mirror.

Almost done. He's getting a quick clean up

The finished product. But he couldn't be still.

He's cutting up. But his bangs aren't so severe now.

Haircuts: Before and after

The girls have both had long hair. Addie got a good cut one time and it looked cute, but Ella never has short hair except for when she was really young. I think it was in response to me and Bev trying to give her haircuts early on in her life. We butchered it. Many times. So our goal was to let hers grow out. But even though it was “long”, it wasn’t all the same length. It needed some evening up badly, so we took it from about middle of her back to up around her chin. When we were making her appointment Addie wanted hers cut as well. So here’s the before and after pics.



Also, Addison took a page out of my book and decided to shoot some video of the process. So she helped me edit it down to what you can see below.

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