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Haircuts: Before and after

The girls have both had long hair. Addie got a good cut one time and it looked cute, but Ella never has short hair except for when she was really young. I think it was in response to me and Bev trying to give her haircuts early on in her life. We butchered it. Many times. So our goal was to let hers grow out. But even though it was “long”, it wasn’t all the same length. It needed some evening up badly, so we took it from about middle of her back to up around her chin. When we were making her appointment Addie wanted hers cut as well. So here’s the before and after pics.



Also, Addison took a page out of my book and decided to shoot some video of the process. So she helped me edit it down to what you can see below.

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  1. gee

    Thank the videographer for me.

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