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Andy Stanley praying for the new POTUS

How did I miss this? But Andy Stanley was the guy who prayed at the Inaugural Prayer Service. He took some of Prez Washington’s service from 1789. Pretty interesting.


And of course we know that Rick Warren prayed just before the swearing in. What’s your take on “famous” preachers being called upon to pray like this. I would think it an honor probably, whether you line up parallel with the POTUS or not. But I know that some people think it’s on the lame side. What’s your take?

Post Election Thoughts

Last night the result that pretty much everyone expected to happen happened. But here are some thoughts of mine about it all.

  • No matter who you voted for, you have to recognize the historical significance of the election.
  • I don’t understand why we have the electoral college system. I mean, people call this a landslide victory, but Obama won about 53% of the popular vote. Even with Reagan’s landslide victory in 1984 (525 to 13), he still only got 58.8% of the popular vote. That’s a messed up system.
  • I kept watching Facebook status updates last night. They made me laugh
  • They ranged from “I’m moving to Canada” to “I’m quitting to work to get free money” to “Now our country is in the right hands” to “I’ve waited for this all my life”.
  • Some people got really nasty in their comments on Facebook.
  • Someone told me I shouldn’t be laughing because God isn’t laughing about it.
  • But I think that I should trust in God much more than who has or is going to be living on Pennsylvania Ave in D.C.
  • The President is just ONE MAN. Lots of people thought Bush was a screwup. But he alone didn’t ruin the country. Nor will this man ruin it or save it on his own.
  • I’m still amazed by people who voted either for or against him because of his race. And I think there were plenty on both sides.
  • McCain is a great American. His speech last night earned him the respect of tons of people.
  • Someone was shooting fireworks off in my neighborhood last night.
  • In the end, I’m going to seek God’s Kingdom first no matter who is President.
  • And I believe followers of Jesus are called to pray for their leaders.
  • And for the record, I didn’t vote for either of the two main guys…

History Starts Now :: The Oxford Presidential Debate

So after all the drama and hype and setup, the question now is if the debate will happen at all.

Two days ago I was sitting at my desk and my good friend Twitter told me that the crew from the Clarion Ledger was reporting that John McCain was suspending his campaign to go to Washington D.C. and try to fix the current financial crisis. He was proposing to postpone the debate.

Now I know this sent ripples through out the country in regards to political strategies and who’s playing what role in the drama that is a presidential election. But here in Oxford, it was the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Within minutes of hearing it Pat and I sent out a few messages to friends here locally. It was already spreading. And Oxford was freaking out.

There had been so much prep put into this weekend. And now it was on the verge of not happening at all. But as the time crept along, it seemed that all parties involved (except John McCain) were proceeding as if nothing was expected to change. Barak Obama even made a speech saying that this might be the most important time to have a debate so that the American people can see what sort of many they’re putting in the White House.

So today, the day of the debate, it seems that things are still expected to happen at 8pm tonight. We’ll see. But there are TONS of media trucks and crews and reporters all over downtown Oxford. Lots of concerts and speeches and rallies and brown nosing to occur.

And just maybe, we’ll have the next POTUS here in town in a matter of hours.

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