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Andy Stanley praying for the new POTUS

How did I miss this? But Andy Stanley was the guy who prayed at the Inaugural Prayer Service. He took some of Prez Washington’s service from 1789. Pretty interesting.


And of course we know that Rick Warren prayed just before the swearing in. What’s your take on “famous” preachers being called upon to pray like this. I would think it an honor probably, whether you line up parallel with the POTUS or not. But I know that some people think it’s on the lame side. What’s your take?

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  1. canudigit

    IMO, if they want to have a “famous” minister do a prayer — fine. The famous do get more exposure, and a POTUS might find themselves fond of one of these ministers’ particular method of praying. If the POTUS is personally familiar with an unknown minister, likes their prayers and wants to use them, that is great, too. (Honestly, I am glad Rev. Wright didn’t do the inaugural prayer.) Different strokes for different folks, you know. I just hope the POTUS is sincerely connected to God and will consult Him re: the monumental decisions he will make during his presidency.

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