Well, I’ve been cautiously optimistic the last few years in the football preseason. But only to have my hopes dashed and crushed. Since the year 2000 we’ve not won more than 3 games in a year. And that stinks.

But things may be changing. Have we turned the corner? No. But we’re turning the steering wheel in that direction. With two games to go we’re 6-4. So we could quite possibly be 8-4 at years end. That would mean Cotton Bowl. More likely we’re going to be 7-5. That would mean one of a few different bowls (Music, Independence, Liberty, Chick-Fil-A), but a bowl none the less.

I’d just about cry if we ended up 6-6. That would mean terrible things in the Egg Bowl (on Senior Day) and maybe no bowl at all. But dog gone it if just about 2/3 of the team is returning next year!! How cool is that?