Like I was saying....

The Bullpups..

Well, I expected a loss, and I knew it could get quite ugly. But after going nearly the entire first quarter with a still scoreless game I thought there might be some hope. Not hope in winning the game, but making it pretty respectable. But after the first score by the Tigers it just made them want more…. And more they got. And got. And got.

I guess I’ve finally accepted it. We’re just not that good. The Mississippi State Bulldogs are well below sub par. The perplexing question is what is the problem? I believe we have good coaches. I believe we have good players. Are they just not all on the same page? As much as I hate to say it, I think it’s time for Jackie Sherrill to go. Yes, he’s done more for the MSU football program than anyone else, but I think it’s about time him to step down.

Will it happen? Dunno. I hope it does in a way that he can hold his head high. But after two back to back three win seasons, and going winless so far this year (after four games), I don’t know how high he’ll be able to hold it no matter what happens. Sadness….

Now the question is who do we realistically hire as the new head coach. I say realistically because I can think of many coaches I’d want to hire, but it’s just not rational that they’d come to coach in Starkville right now (Spurrier, anyone?).


  1. jeremy

    many many coaches would jump at the chance to go to MSU. The problem is definitely the coaching staff. I watch them off and on for the past three years and they are so undisciplined it's like watching the cowboys under Campo. Get someone that can push the right buttons, and maybe things will start lookin up. JS may have done some great things for you guys, but the time is well past for him to leave. I feel the same about PSU and JoePa too… maybe it helps that i dont care about anyone particular team.

  2. Blake

    The talent is there, I believe. There are at least 5 (someone told me 6, but I couldn't think of that many) Parade All Americans on the team. I know you can have a bust here and there, but surely some are good enough! There are 59 players who are Sophomores, Redshirt Freshmen, and Freshmen.

    I think that a new staff (totally) with a new attitude, and new air in the program would do lots of good for the program.

    The future COULD be very bright, I firmly believe.

  3. rob

    Spurrier sounds great! Of course, I don't expect him to come to State, but it's a nice thought. He had some really successful years at Duke.

  4. Steve

    On the upside, I heard on the radio this morning (source: Archie Manning) that State has one of the youngest teams on the field this year. The future does seem bright for State talent-wise …these guys just have to get experience. Just thought I'd pass that along to you. Hope it lifts your football spirits.

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