Like I was saying....

The Butler did it again!

Well, maybe I don’t feel so bad about Butler beating us since they just beat Louisville by a larger margin than they beat us*. Means they were for real.

I read an article today in the Clarion Ledger saying that with the team we have coming back next year, plus the incoming recruits that Miss State should be able to challenge for the West title yet again. Another article mentioned that the player of the year (Junior Charlie White from Provine) and Al Jefferson, easily the top two juniors in the state and two fo the top in the nation are feeling really good about coming to MSU next year. All that is good stuff. All that makes me look forward to the future And it might east the sting of losing Friday night…but not much.

It still pains me that I know that we were the better team. But just not on that night. But there have been a few more upsets as well. I find myself pulling for the underdog in most cases now. I’ll still want UKy and Fla to win out, just for the sake of the SEC. And Auburn just beat Wake Forest. So it’s still an entertaining tourney.

What has been the most exciting game you’ve seen so far? Mine would have to be the Arizona/Gonzaga game last night….I still gotta get me one of those Gonzaga shirts!

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  1. yafreax

    that zag / az game was awesome, i was so pullin for zag since my brackets are screwed anyway… They should've won, wide open 7 footer… dang…

    The wisconsin ending was a great one too.

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