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The Canoe Trip

Yesterday was a canoe trip we took with the youth. We went up to Bear Creek and used Bear Creek Canoe Run as our outfitter. Only about an hour & ten minutes away. We’ve used them the last few years for a half day canoe trip. They’re always fun. It’s always interesting seeing the mix of people who go. You have people who can canoe pretty well. They can steer and have a decent amount of power. Then you have those who are better off on the couch watching American Idol or something. And for some reason, there always happens to be a few people who cannot canoe at all end up in the same boat. It’s good for laughs though.

The water was cool, but nice. And the sun not too intense. There was one spot where you could climb up a big rock and slide down on a really slimey water trail. A may did it a few times for us as an example. Made it look easy. He warned that at the bottom you had to be sure to swing your legs into this other rock and bouce off…piece of cake. Only thing that looks bad is the big brown/green streak you get on your butt.

So one of my boys tries it. Slides down lickity-split, and he swings his legs…but in the other direction! SMACK! He slams his back in the rock. It’s not too bad, just looks bad. It builds character. But it’s a small but tough kid. He laughs it off. There was a girl of ours wanting to try it but got a little worried after seeing him go. So the original man does it again. Then his 5 year old daughter does it a few times.

That does it. The girl is doing it. Slide, swing (the wrong way), smack! Girls can be tough, I know. And this one was trying to be. But it hurt. I saw them both in church today and they said they were sore, but okay.

Well I walk down instead of sliding. I know I could have done it. No doubt. I’m cool like that. But I didn’t want the green/brown streak on my shorts (heh heh…yeah, that’s it.) But as I step down into the water onto a huge flat rock, my heel slips and I smack my butt, them my back, then my skull on the rock. It bounces. And it hurts. I wonder if I opened it up. But thankfully it wasn’t. The hurt didn’t linger like I figured it would have. But it took me a little longer to get across the rocks back to the other side of the river.

One of the cool things about the trip was that I saw some friends that I’ve not seen in a long while. They are living up in Huntsville right now and turns out it was just about an hour or so away for them too. I didn’t realize it, but they read my blog some too. That’s pretty cool. But I didn’t think I’d even told them about it. Oh well, small world. Alex has a blog as well, so I figured I’d give him a small shoutout as well.

More Lizzie Cooper updates to follow this week. Took LOTS of pictures. I’ll try to share some.

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  1. Blake

    I was really tired that night and a few days afterwards…wonder if it had anything to do w/ the crack on the head?

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