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The coming weekend

Last year this was my most un-favorite weekend of the year. Why you ask? Because it was too full. Way too full. It seemed like the whole holiday season was too full last year. Working at a church, there’s always something going on. And it seems that you have to be at everything whether it’s even remotely close to being on your job description or not (“Yes, I’d love to drive the bus for the senior adult trip so they can go look at a miniture Christmas Village and sit in the freezing cold.”) Turns out I didn’t have to do the afore mentioned task, but I was almost “on call” for it.

But last year this was the weekend where it seemed like there were 3 different church things going on and two family get together things. And The Wife wanted some “us” time too. There were some disagreements regarding my stewardship of my time related to inside/outside demands on it. And I felt like I had about 37 hours worth of demands each day. And it really frustrated me. I mean, it’s the holidays. Supposed to be fun. Relaxing. Enjoyable.

This year isnt’ so bad. Still busy. Still hectic, but only semi. There looks like it’s going to be much more enjoyable. I think that it’s going to be funner too. My daughter is really getting into the “getting a present for Mom, Grannie, etc.” I think she’s going to be into the getting of presents too. All she’s said she wanted was a hat. “A hat? What kind of hat?” She said she wants a Cat In The Hat hat. I’ll have to look around for that one.

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  1. g

    Be glad you aren't sick and can't even get out of the bed/house for the weekend. With your schedule, maybe even that would be a relief. Chin up! This, too, shall pass.

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