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The Crazy World of Miley Cyrus

I remember my senior year in high school some goofy guy with a mullet singing about his heart might blow up and it would kill him. That was Billy Ray Cyrus. Around that time he had a daughter.

Now, years later, his daughter is arguably one of the biggest stars in the world. Miley Cyrus exploded on the scene as the character Hannah Montana. She quickly became Disney’s biggest money maker with a hit tv show, tons of cd’s sold, a movie, and a sold out tour. And now she’s crossing over in to being herself and performing as Miley Cyrus.

But she’s recently gotten into trouble with some pictures she took herself and somehow got onto the internet. They were a little racy. But then the famed photo shoot with Vanity Fair magazine and Annie Liebovitz that were pretty risque in nature, especially when held up against her image of Hannah Montana on Disney.

Some fault her. Some point fingers at her parents. Some say it’s just the industry she’s in and was inevitable. But she was in various states of undress holding a blanket or sheet to cover what were are not supposed to see. All over the place, people blasted her saying, “She’s only 15! She’s a child!”

Now while I completely agree that a 15 year old has no business what so ever in taking “sexy” pictures for a national magazine [or really at all], it’s really the world that most 15 year olds live in. I know that there are plenty of “regular/normal” 15 year old girls who would [sadly] love to have a photo shoot like Miley did w/ Leibowitz. Teen girls today and what our culture and media blitz them with all the time tells them that they need to grow up quickly and be more adult like in as many ways as they can.

And in turn, they try to mimic what they read, see, and watch. [Remember, MTV is watched by a TON of teens, both boys and girls]. And Miley is afforded more opportunities than most 15 year old girls. Now I would never allow my own daughters to do something like that if I could help it. But I have to wonder if Miley is just representative of a lot of other girls these days….? Fifteen years old today is not the same as fifteen years old when I was in school.

Oh, and now Hugh Hefner has offered Miley a full center spread in his magazine (Playboy) for when she turns 18.


  1. Nodding

    I knoooow!

  2. Chris Baker

    Its a interesting thought, even though she probably “knew better”. Its was probably pushed in hopes to break her into the teen and even adult realm of the fan base. Its probably a sad attempt to push her so she does not become like her dad, a one hit wonder of sorts, or a fizzled out child star that doesn’t make it anywhere (Saved by the Bell folks, Full House, etc).

    And as you mentioned. Our society sells skin, its all around us. Girls think this is the best way to be accepted, guys get there visual fix, skin and just about any age does the trick. While it may seem controversial, to me it seems like a gutsy marketing move to get the ball rolling on moving the career along. Hopefully she doesn’t make the same mistakes as those foot steps she will follow in, and actually put her children in car seats, etc.

    Atleast this is my take, and am probably wrong. But then again. Its 2 AM and I’m not quite thinking straight.

  3. Pete Wilson

    I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around. I just hope lessons were learned.

  4. Blake

    @chris -I don’t think you’re wrong. I think she’s trying to make a transition into an older crowd.

    @Pete – I hope lessons were learned as well. Time will tell.

  5. Mud Puppy

    My chastisement was for Billy. He’s been in the business long enough to know the roads these seemingly innocent paths lead to.

    And for the record I purchased a Miley Cyrus song on iTunes recently. For myself.

    No shame. 🙂

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