I’m sitting on my inlaws’ couch typing on their laptop. And I’m sitting in front of a big screen TV watching SportsCenter. Since we don’t have cable at home, I get my SporstCenter fix when I can.

Yesterday was a drive north and then lunch at The Wife’s aunt’s house. Then a competitve game of Phase 10. I’m always confident in that game. Sometimes w/o reason. But I came in 2nd overall. So close…..   I’m about to go get in the shower and then we’ll load the fam to go to New Albany to my dad’s house, then eat fried fish for Thanksgiving at my aunts house. How’s that for breaking tradition?  Then later this evening we’ll head to Amory. Don’t worry, I’m clocking all the miles. 

But I’ve also been reading stories on the upcoming Egg Bowl. I’m pumped for it. But I must admit I miss it being on Thanksgiving. I went about 3 or 4 of those. We’d eat somewhere, and then make the trek to Starkville or Oxford. I guess I liked it so much because State won most of the games on Thanksgiving.

But this year is really a toss up. I think we’d have the upper hand except for our QB situation. With Henig hurt, a less than healthy Conner will be at the helm most of the time. And UMiss is looking for trick plays to throw at us too. I hope to be able to listen to some of it on the way home tomorrow.

So…the next two days should be more eating and driving. Seems to be what the holidays are all about.