After a delayed flight in ATL on the way home with a four and a half hour layover we finally made it home. Our last day or so in Costa Rica were good ones. Wednesday was to be a day to get lots of work done. Build, mix, and pour at least three concrete columns around teh new church walls. But with limited supplies and a few trips to the store, it put us behind schedule. So we only got one done that day and we had to quit for church. We were to get up the next morning at 5 something to pour the last one.

Church was good. It was all about us. We sang and spoke and danced and sang and then the whole church danced together a few times. My favorite was by far the Te Gusta Nadar song where Pastor Carlos was dancing up a storm at the end. Really wanted to have that on video. Actually got really sad that I didnt’. People stayed up late saying good byes. We also dug a hoe for the time capsule to be dug up and opened in 5 years.

The next morning, 5:30 came early, esp for those who were up late. Becca and I burried the time capsule after dropping a few more things in it and wrapping it in duck tape. As we walked back Mike asked if we’d burried it yet because he had something for it. Anyone else but Mike and we would have said it’s too late. But we dug it back up while he got something for it. Then we rewrapped it and burried it under a cinderblock. Most likely someone will put a sewage line or something there before 2010 gets here. Of course afterwards I find plenty of other things that I couldn’t find or wanted to put in there.

After the column was mixed and poured in record time (hoo!) we got all cleaned up, packed up, and loaded up. Some went to the souviener store. Some went to the authentic stores. Then lunch up on the 2nd floor and a busride to the airport.

Now I’m partially sad. So glad to be home and with my family. But I miss the poeple and the church and even the work.

I plan on trying to write out a day by day deal of what we did and my thoughts. I kept a semi-journal while there. So it will help me with some details and spark memories too.