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The Move: It’s sinking in.

I think now it’s sinking it. We’re going to be leaving in a matter of weeks. After a week to simmer in it and a holiday spent with various family members, it’s real. We will be living, working, learning, and playing with new people in new situations in a new town.

That is greeted with both excitement and sadness. We have come to really love Clinton. I don’t really know of any reason not to recommend Clinton as a place to live or raise a family. So we’ll be sad as we depart. But we’re quite excited about what’s in store…whatever that is.

We go with an idea of what I’ll be doing, but knowing that there will be tons of things that come up that I am unaware of at this point. Saturday we also spent a little time in Oxford checking out the local real estate. It can be pretty insane in some places…in fact, most places. But I’m thinking that we’ll be able to find something when the time comes. First we gotta sell the house we’re in. I talk to the realtor tomorrow.

But as God takes us by the hand and leads us on a new journey, I ask that anyone who is reading this offer up a prayer for us. Pray that our goodbyes go well, that friendships remain strong even after we leave, that our house sells quickly (and at a good price so we have some to put down on a house in the Oxford market!). Pray that our transition goes well and that we make many connections quickly in Oxford. Pray that God blesses the ministry of The Orchard in Oxford and that we, the leadership at the church, follow Jesus in all of our decisions. Pray that my little girls make the move well and that my pregnant wife stays as stress free as possible. And pray for all the other things I’m not thinking of at the moment.

And thanks so much for your prayers…

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    Praying for all of you.

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