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The Pact is back

For three summers of my life I worked at Camp Lake Stephens. In many, many ways it shaped a large part of my life. I think it was there that I was stretched and grew in my faith. CLS was where I began to take up more and more roles in leadership and ministry. It was at CLS that I made some really good friends that I still cherish today. And it was there that I met my wife … or the girl who would become my wife.

In the course of your average day as a camp counselor, we would have store time (usually after swim time.) And almost every day I would eat two Whatchamacallit candy bars. They were like eating two bars of heaven every afternoon. They were SO GOOD!

One day, a girl (who would later become my wife) said I couldn’t go a day w/o eating one. I told her (with a voice of male confidence) that I could go the WHOLE WEEK without eating one. I said I’d do it if she didn’t eat any desserts either. So the pact was born.

We couldn’t eat anything considered dessert or sweets during the week (the weekend was fair game.) And it ended up stretching through the summer and into the school year. And I think I was healthier because of that.

So the pact is back. No sweets/desserts at all except for on the weekends. We’ll see how this goes. Sad to say that last weekend we were in Target and bought a bag full of Easter candy at 75% off. So now I have some chocolate eggs calling my name.

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  1. g

    Wishing you success. Watch out for those ring cookies.

    Are those Robin Eggs? Yum.

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