We had two appointments to show our house tonight. The first one didn’t show. Bummer. The 2nd one was pretty decent though. Supposed to follow up a bit tomorrow with a few details I didn’t have handy.

Last weekend we went down to the Land of Arrows. Looked for house and The Wife got to see the church and city and we hoped to have learned the lay of the land a bit. We get to the church and the pastor gives us a quick tour again (for the sake of The Wife). We meet a few people. The we met up with the old YP (but current Assoc. P) and the guy youth intern. They gave us a quick tour of the city and then we went to Sonic. There I met about a dozen or so junior high kids. The we go to the home coming parade.

It was actually really good. Tons of participation of all school clubs, lots of candy being thrown out (much to the joy of The Kid) and tons upon tons of people there to watch. Then I seemed to have met about another 2 or 3 dozen people in a matter of minutes. We go back to the church and I watch a quick video of an upcoming retreat I’m going to try and go to. Then we drive around on our own for a while.

We find neighborhoods and schools and bad parts of Jackson and back to town and all that. It’s getting dark so we go to the Pastor’s house. There we chill for about 10 minutes then it was off to eat at The Hat (or El Sombrero). Then we went to a JHigh dance at the church. There I met about 75 people in a short time span. Then back to the house for bed.

The next day we drive around and look at houses with a realtor who is cool and works w/ the youth at the church as well. We saw a few houses, but none we really like. None that we remotely like. We’ll have to do more looking…maybe even go up a level. We’ll see.

Then we drove home, ran an errand or two, at breakfast for supper and watched The Day After Tomorrow. Good movie. Good special effects. Pretty good plot and character development. Go rent it today.