Like I was saying....

The weekend that was…

It was a win all around… My local high school team won. My U8 soccer team won. And my college team won. Could it get any better?

Mississippi State actually won a road game AT Auburn. And after playing a college this coming weekend that started out as a HIGH SCHOOL way back when…we should be 3-1. Now that’s a crazy thought. But we’ll get smacked around pretty good with the road trips after that. So no worries. I’m counting the chicken on the 22nd, but none after that. I guess we’ll know we can at least be 3-9 this season, huh?

The Clinton Arrows are better than people gave them credit for. No doubt.

I wouldn’t have thought it, but girls U-8 Soccer can actually be exciting. Our 8am game got started late because the ref was on the wrong field. And then we got out to a slow start. 0-2 deficit. But then we kicked it in and  won 7-3. How’s that for a comeback? Addie is for sure one of the younger girls on the team. But she tries hard and gets a good lick on the ball sometimes too. She’s getting better I believe.

I preached Sunday morning at The Connection (the 3rd worship service at church which is “contemporary”). It went really, really well I thought. Preached on turning to God in times of trouble. Had some pretty personal stories in there. Used the video from 99 Balloons. And extra effort went into choosing songs that related directly w/ the message. A good morning indeed…

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    Is there a podcast or anything available of your Sunday talk? I would like to hear it.

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