Like I was saying....

Things are fine…

Hey all. I made it.

Katrina is one bad mama, though! The strom passed through on Monday and knocked our power out. Then the next day as it was getting hotter and hotter our phone when out. Then all of a sudden both came back on. Phone has been in and out, but power (therefore AC) constant. Had to switch ISP’s because my other dialup ISP was out of Hattiesburg and they got smashed. But we’re doing fine here.

Clinton has most people back w/ power, but still quite a few are w/o power. The crazy things is the gas frenzy. I think a lot of Jackson folks are coming over here for gas. I’ve still got over half a tank in both cars, so I believe we’re good for a few more days. By then either all of this area will be out of gas, or things will be back closer to normal.

I have been keeping a notecard of things to talk about. I plan to write a series of stuff about the storm and my experience in the aftermath. Nothing special, but I want to put it all down. The news is amazing. I could watch it all day. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers of anyone who remembered us. The girls are fine. We’re all good. In fact, we’re better than good.


  1. Jeremy

    good to hear from you. looking forward to the posts. This sort of thing is tragic and mesmerizing all at the same time. Any church damage or church members have major damage?

  2. rick

    ditto. glad everyone’s okay, sir.

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