Like I was saying....

Things Come In 3’s?

It seems they might try to sometimes. I don’t really know if it’s true or not. You could tell me they come in 2’s or 5’s and I could make it fit just as well most of the time.

But on the old (not ole, but old) iBook G4 I usually use the dc-in board had gone out. Don’t know what a dc-in board was? Me neither til I did some research. It’s a thing inside the computer that accepts the charge from your power cord and gives it to your battery. So no dc-in board, no workie. But I ordered a new used one off of eBay Monday. Should be here  any day now. But then I’ll have wifi and be portable again. As it stands now I can actually get about 5 minutes of charge for every hour it’s plugged in.

Then the refrigerator started clicking and humming. Soon our ice cream was all melted and the Flavo-Ice was nothing but juice. Something was keeping the compressor from turning on. Turns out the fridge was still under warranty! So some nice guys from the University of South Panola came today and replaced a circuit board, plugged it back into a nice little whirl and hum of a compressor and were on their way. All it cost me was a handshake.

Then the check engine light came on last week in my Hoe (it’s what I call the Tahoe). Then things started shimmying and shaking a lot when driving. Turns out my plugs and wires needed replacing. I don’t know what that means, but it drives better now. Thought the light did come back on that tells me to service engine soon. Probably that O2 sensor. Blast it. And this cost me much more than a handshake.

So my fear now is that this postpones the purchase of a DSLR again. Drat!


  1. canudigit

    Hoping that streak stops at three. Be certain your “Hoe” is in good shape; it carries precious cargo!

  2. Jeremy

    dude, i don’t know a whole lot about cars? but are you kidding me? don’t post stuff about not knowing what spark plugs are… thats like… basic car stuff.

    but sucks that the hoe is failing. Cars maintenance is freaking expensive.

  3. Blake

    Jeremy, I know what spark plugs are. I replace them on my weed eater and lawnmower sometimes. But as to all the plugs/wires and how they’re connected in a truck motor, that’s all way beyond me, so I don’t even pretend to know how to fix that stuff.

  4. Bryan

    Yeah, Blake. Don’t post stuff like not knowing what spark plugs are.

    Can anyone tell me what a RSS feeder is?

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