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Things I’ve [re]learned about being a dad in one month

So this weekend my son turned one month old. It had been about three and a half years since my second little girl had been born. So there were a lot of things I’d forgotten about babies. Here are a few I remembered and some new things as well.

  • Babies are tiny! He was the biggest of our three kids. But I didn’t remember the other two being that small when they were born.
  • I’d forgotten the unique smell of babies.
  • A baby will fool you with the first few nights in the hospital. They sleep like a rock. It changes after the first few nights!
  • Diapers fill up fast and constantly.
  • When you change a baby boy’s diaper, there are more things you gotta check around to make sure you get everything wiped clean.
  • When you change a baby boy’s diaper, you gotta do it faster, or you might get squirted!
  • Babies like for you to pick them up. But most of the time, it’s not just enough to pick them up. You need to walk and sway in order to calm them.
  • Your parents stop wanting to see you for a while, only their new grandbaby.
  • Spit-up stinks.
  • A baby’s coo can be one of the most soothing sounds.
  • A baby’s shrill cry can make you want to put an ice pick through your temple!


  1. Travis Thompson

    What a great post.

    One of the first things I [re]learned was how to tell between the serious cry and the I just want attention cry

  2. mom

    I still want to see you all, but I want to hold Rowan more. 🙂

  3. Jeremy

    don’t forget the most important…

    ALL newborn babies (including my own)…

    look like aliens.

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