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Time for school!

For the last two years our oldest has been homeschooled for Kindergarden and First Grade. It has been a good experience for both her and my wife. Addison has grown to be a passionate reader during this time. While still in Clinton she went to a school on Fridays that was specifically for homeschooled kids. She loved it. She’s such a social bug.

In the transition from Clinton to Oxford, there was the five month stop in New Albany that was just a crazy time for us. So she continued her home schooling there. But now that we are in Oxford, we have been chewing on the possibilities of Addison going to school each day. We’ve checked into a local private school and also the public school that is in our district.

Now we don’t have the notion that all public schools are quagmires of debauchery and evil. On the contrary. But it had been important for us in the early years to do some intentional teaching and development of our children. And it looks like Addison will be attending public school starting next month. We’ve heard great things about the school system, and I’ve met with the principal a couple of times. Addison got to meet her too and take a tour of the school and meet a few teachers.

She is pumped! We excited for her. But it will also mean some adjustments for us as we’ll have to be making sure she’s up and ready for school (and whoever is taking her to school as well) each morning. Do we make lunch or eat the caf food? Make sure we go to bed earlier. All the things that most home probably do already.

But as the final decisions are made, keep us in your prayers. Change can be good.

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  1. Rick

    The other three people living in my house go to public school 🙂 – so it’s been like that for us for a long time. You’ll get the hang of it. For the lunch question – I’d suggest making lunches, and making sure there’s lunch $$ in case you’re running late. But later on, kids tend to prefer one or the other, whatever their friends are doing, etc. Ours both prefer caff food – mainly because in middle school (son) there’s a huge choice, more than “here’s your turkey sandwich, son”.

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