Like I was saying....

Time to hit the road!

I hit the road this morning. I’ve been thinking of running the Double Decker 10K later this month. So I’ve ran a few times on the treadmill. But this morning I took it to the streets.

And how quickly did I remember how different treadmills are from pavement! Especially with hills. Plus I ran about double the distance that I have on the tmill. I always want to quit early (way early) on a treadmill. It seems quite boring. But if you’re out on the road, I just run until I get back usually.

But now I have a few weeks to get ready for the run.


  1. Emily

    Happy running, Blake! Let me warn you, the Double Decker run is fierce. But there’s barbeque when it’s done! Good luck

  2. g

    I’ve heard that’s a really tough run. The hills, I suppose.

  3. Blake

    @Emily-Is it because of the hills? I remember running a race around campus back in 99 and it was quite tough because of the hills. I came in 2nd to last.

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