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The Tooth Fairy Note

This was a note my 7 year old wrote. It says:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,
My tooth isn’t here because my sister droped it in the grass will you give me a treat please?”

The day after Addie’s birthday her tooth came out. She let her little sister hold it and it was immediately dropped in the grass out back. Never to be seen again. So this is the note she left under her pillow.


  1. canudigit


  2. Jeremy

    did the tooth fairy oblige?

  3. Blake

    The tooth fairy was sneaky. The TF hid the $$ under the mattress. That way, in the morning when Addie looked under her pillow, all she saw was the note. And after she work us up and told us…and I had to go do something in the other part of the house while she stayed in our room, I came back and suggested she look under her mattress.

  4. Jenny

    🙂 sometimes I forget how much I miss and love you and your family. Hopefully I will see you soon!

  5. Kelsey

    I wish the tooth fairy was that generous when I was growing up.

  6. Sammy

    Hey, yes, I did use the ear candle! It’s really interesting, and my head did feel a little lighter afterward. If you’re thinking of doing it, you should. You can’t feel it (“it” = stuff coming out of your ears..) at all, which is great. However, you can hear the crackling of the flame pretty close to your face. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to research instruction for proper use. The candles we bought didn’t come with any.

    p.s. this post reminds me of

  7. Sammy

    p.p.s. the buttcandle is a no. ha.

  8. SBR

    I love this story!

    As the author of a picture book about a very big-attitude tooth fairy with high-tech gadgets, one of the questions I get from school kids when I do school visits is: “Is the tooth fairy real?”

    One little girl went so far as to say, “Is the tooth fairy real? Please, please tell me pretty please with a cherry on top!”

    Calling her up to stand with me in front of 300 kids ranging from Kindergarten to fourth grade, I looked at her and said, “Yes, the tooth fairy is real. But like all fairies, she simply disappears when YOU stop believing in her.”

    Another little girl let me share the note she had written to the tooth fairy, when all the kids in school were asked to write notes/questions for me prior to my arrival. “Dear tooth fairy,” she wrote. “Do you know who this is? It’s your friend, Shanda. It’s been a long time since you came to my house. The next time you come, please bring me a lot of mony and if you get this note, please do as it sez. I have a lot of queschens to ask you. Is it really hard to be the tooth fairy? Please write me a note back so I’ll know you remembered who wrote this note. Love, Shanda.”


    Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt
    Author, You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
    12,000 copies sold!

  9. Kem Meyer

    Lovin’ the toothfairy note. Check the one my daughter left when she was 7 (she’s 9 now).

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