Like I was saying....

Top 5 Movies

Just a random thing…but what are your top 5 movies?

In no particular order

* Top Gun
* Braveheart
* The Patriot
* Gladiator
* The Shawshank Redemption

There’s a quick list, I’ll revisit them and explain what I liked about them later. Heck, they may change by then.


  1. g

    To Kill a Mockingbird (Gregory Peck!!!), The Big Chill, My Dog Skip, It's A Wonderful Life, the movie with Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey (Pax?). It's early; my list could change in a few hours. Was there a movie called "Pass It On"? If there was, I liked it's message. 🙂

  2. yafreax

    Top Gun whips me, i dunno why.

    I dont really know if i have 5 favorite movies, cause when i hear the term "favorite movie" i think of people that could quote the movie and tell you everything about it. But ones that i like alot off the top of my head: Gladiator, Fight Club, LOTR, Toy Soldiers (NOT small soldiers!), Face/Off, Remember the Titans, October Sky, Arlington Road, etc…

  3. Karen

    Call me crazy, but I enjoy chick flicks of all kinds.

    Top Gun whips me? Does that mean you like it or not?

  4. giddy

    No, no. Not "Pass It On"! It's "Play It Forward".

  5. g

    …or is it "PAY It Forward"?

  6. yafreax

    whip = pain
    i do not like pain

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