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Water seeks the lowest point

In the corner of our bedroom sits a chair. I’m impressed w/ this chair. Most times we’ve ever had a chair in our bedroom it’s been covered in clothes to the point you couldn’t even see the chair. But this one has remained fairly clean. Or at least only a few clothes here and there. But the chair doesn’t move much.

A couple of weeks ago a shirt was set on top of the chair and fell off behind it. In the attempt to move it, we discovered some damp carpet in the corner. Wondered if it could be from the water spigot just the other side of the outside wall. But after getting a repairman to take a look, seems our shower on the other side (it’s in a corner) had a subpar caulking job along the bottom. So we’ve been getting water into the wall for a while now. Water in walls usually means damp/moist environments…just ripe for mold.

Thought the home warranty might cover that. But it doesn’t. Lucky us. So now we get to pay someone to rip our wall out, take a scope of the real damage, and rebuild it just like new. Oh the joys of home ownership.

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  1. Russ Polsgrove

    Dude, do you have an American Home Shield home warranty? I worked there in my hiatus from Hernando, and let me tell you, there’s all kinds of things they don’t tell you about in that warranty. If you ever have any questions though, let me know.

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