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This had me rolling

I’ve been keeping up with politics again the last few months. Actually I’ve watched the news when it’s on, but not made it a priority to track news down.

But now it’s getting close. So I’ve watched the debates and checked the news sites out more frequently. But of course you gotta check SNL. Here is the opening sequence from last night. If you missed the VP Debate from Thursday night, it might not make quite as much sense.

Um…wow. The Renewed Mind Is The Key?

After this video made the rounds a week or so ago [which if for some reason you’ve not yet seen yet you HAVE to] a friend sent this one to top it. This is so lame and cheesy, BUT..the guy has skills. If you can’t watch it all the way through, make sure to fast forward to about 1:50 and see the “dance solo”.

The Day Is [Nearly] Done:

Well after finally getting into the room and cranking the AC up, I caught up on some email, took a shower to wash the air travel off of me, and took a nap. I had a headache. My alarm went off and I got up read to go to the Journey Bible Class at Granger. The headache was still there. And all I’d had to eat for the day was a muffin at 4:30am and cheese & crackers with Reese’s Pbutter cups at the airport. But I found some popcorn in the lobby as I left.

Without any wheels yet, I walked to the church. It is only a half mile. I kept looking for a BIG church building I’d see from a distance. But I didn’t. Which was cool. But the parking lot was filling and people were all filing in towards the front door. As I got there, immediately on my right was Connection Cafe, a little coffee bar and then some seating on the right as well. A nice lady w/ a nametag was saying to everyone at once, “I know it doesn’t look normal, but adults are taking the kids to their rooms!” I don’t think I looked lost, but anyway.

There were lots of people w/o being crowded.

I went to Bob Laurent‘s class he was teaching. It was on The Radical Jesus [I’ll post the notes in the next entry]. At first I didn’t clue into who Bob Laurent is. But he spoke at a youth weekend I was a part of back in 1990. I liked him a lot back then, and 18 years later I still liked his teaching. He’s pretty passionate. And there were LOTS of people there. Bob said 900. And I think with a big shift in what Granger’s mid week events used to be, that’s a pretty significant number.

But first impressions of Granger Community Church was A+. Now I can’t wait for Innovate tomorrow. I’m back in the hotel after stopping by Target for some toiletries and by Moe’s for some supper! Now I’m full and typing while watching John and Kate plus 8.

Well, I made it to Mishawaka

I’m sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I can’t get in just yet. The guy behind the counter says he sees the rooms blocked out for us, but can’t view the individual reservations. Merissa who made the reservations isn’t here yet, but I called her and she won’t have any different info for him because she doesn’t have the confirmation number. So, I’m sitting in the lobby. Wondering if I should try to walk over to Notre Dame vs paying $12 for a taxi ride there.

Granger Community Church is just about a half mile down the road, so I could walk down there and check it out. There are actually some going on tonight. I might give one of those a go to check out some of the changes that GCC is undergoing. Or I might go to bed early since I probably got 3 hours of sleep and have been on planes or rushing to them all day.

I got up at 4. Showered. Ate a muffin. Left for Tupelo. Flew to Memphis for a 37 minute layover. That means I rushed around to my next gate. Then I flew to Detroit. There I had another 37 minute layover. Interesting. But then I flew to South Bend and got a taxi to this hotel. So I could use some time on a bed infront of ESPN or something like that. And you can’t beat this wifi either.

But I know I won’t do that. I’m travelling, baby! Can’t be still for too long.

OH, and if things look different now and then, it’s because I’m trying out some new themes around the ole blog.

Edit: A 3:45 I got into my room

Two Cover Tuesday 3

All Along The Watch Tower by Dave Matthews Band

Last week I put up a Dylan song that g liked. So I figured I’d give g one more Dylan song to see if it was up to standards. I think this a much better remake than the one I had last week. Of course, I like DMB better than GnR too.

Welcome to The Black Parade [originally by My Chemical Romance]

If you’ve not heard the original of Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR, then you might not truly appreciate it. To transpose it to piano totally is impressive. I like the original song a lot too.

What do you do after studying?

I’ve been looking around at some alternatives to YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video sharing site out there. That’s more than obvious. But there are better, but less used, ones out there. Two that really catch my eye are Vimeo and Viddler. One of the things that Vimeo is known for are their lipdubs. That’s where someone lipsyncs to a song. Then relays the audio over it for a much fuller sound.

I found one that is HUGE. It’s one big, continuous shot. It is filmed at a German university. It is all in the same class building. And has tons of students and a few professors in it. It’s worth a watch for sure. Enjoy!

Let me know how you liked it!

David Crowder :: Remedy Club Tour

I’ve not been to a ton of concerts. More than some, but lots less than some of my friends. But I can say that a David Crowder Band concert is amazing to attend. He’s such a showman. He knows how to entertain. But he also knows how to bring you into the presence of the Lord. 

DCB* is about to release a new CD from their Remedy Tour that has two handfuls of new songs in a live format. I’ll be getting it. You should too.

You can click “LISTEN” above and get a few samples of the songs. There is also a DVD if you like.

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