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Addie and Ella :: What’s The News? [ep1]

Okay, I’ve been late with this. The girls recorded this a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been lax at getting it ready to upload. So here it is. (And they’ve got one more ready for me to edit as well.)

Forgive the hum you hear. I’ll take care of that next time.

If you want to leave a question for them, put it in the comments.

Oh Friday Night Lights

I know I’ve spoken before here of my love for Friday Night Lights. I have said it was the best television show around. But all of that was before Season Three. Now that season three happened, I still maintain that truth. I think it’s even better than before. Season two had a bit of a hiccup where some wondered if it jumped the shark. And then the writers’ strike made it end abruptly. But Season three was plugging along nicely.

I kept searching for a podcast for FNL. Never could find one. I counted over thirty (no lie) for LOST. But not a one for FNL. Now LOST is a fantastic show too. It’s easily #2 for me, or even 1b, but I still thought FNL should have at least one. So I did what you do when you really want to see something happen on the net but it’s not happening: I made it happen.

So I created the FNLpodcast. Yep, I started my own podcast centered around Friday Night Lights. How lame cool is that? I know it’s not the greatest in the world. No where near what Jay and Jack do for LOST. But I started it when I didn’t know if FNL would be renewed or canceled. But I was pleasantly surprised when it was renewed for not just one but TWO seasons! Yes, there will be a season FOUR and FIVE!

But sadly the news came yesterday that NBC (while surprisingly cool for renewing FNL) is lame. They’re not going to run Season Four of Friday Night Lights until the summer of 2010. Yep, thirteen months from now. Sure, DirecTV will run it in the fall. But only about 15% of America has DirecTV.

So NBC continues to do what it can to make Friday Night Lights be unsuccessful it seems. If you’ve committed to TWO new seasons of a show that is critically aclaimed, why not try to get as many eyes on it as you can. NBC….you’re just being lame.

Funniest commercial ever? “At The Red House!”

I came across this commercial yesterday. And I’ve watched it more than a few times. But it absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I thought it might be a funny hoax at first. But it’s legit. These guys that make funny vidoes started making local business commercials.

And after you watch it, you can watch the making of here:

And then the critical response:

Yeah, I know….

I don’t know what’s up with the blogging lately. Or what’s not up with it. I used to be the one who’d try to encourage people to blog. And even got a few people into it. But I’ve been a major slacker. I think it’d be easy to blame it on Twitter. And I’ve noticed that a bit more lately too. Some people who used to be really frequent bloggers have moved most of their online voice over to twitter. And I really like twitter. But didn’t expect to give it attention at the expense of blogging.

twitter-logoI guess sometimes when you have a quick thought in your head that would eventually morph into a blog post…if you zip that thought out to twitter through a text message or Tweetdeck, then you feel “done” with that thought. Or at least you look for conversation about that thought through twitter or Facebook (my tweets update my Facebook status…so feedback is there as well).

And this new twitter attention has taken some of the time away from regular blog reading too! But a couple of nights ago when the house was all quiet I looked back through some of my favorite blogs…and realized what I’d been missing. Yes, I like a 140 character glance into what someone is thinking/doing. I mean, who doesn’t want to know that Pat’s power is out again or that Will thinks that love for a Pizza Hut buffet knows no age boudaries. And it’s always interesting to know that Emily has a cold and is going to be early or that Shaq is sending a message to Brett Farve. I like those things. I really do.

But in my return to reading some blogs, I realized there’s so much more to read than just 140 characters. And I want to return to it. [But of course follow me on twitter as well: @statedog.]


A few years ago I experimented with starting some forums based on high school sports in my area. I was pleasently surprised with the growth and activity and soon expanded it to cover my entire state. It still chugs along today. And I’ve enjoyed being the admin of those forums. But lately I started getting the itch again.

And with a headful I ideas I focused it down onto the city I live in: Oxford Mississippi. Oxford is a unique place, especially for Mississippi. But there is always lots going on, plenty of people in and out of the city because of the various sporting events, cultural events, and just some general tourism. And there are quite a bit of “online people” in Oxford too.

So I decided to start! Here’s a quote from the welcome post on the site:

“We hope to be a local resource site for Oxford, Mississippi and the surrounding area. We’re a gathering place for Oxford folk, both new and old, transplant and native to interact and get to know one another. Here is a place we can join together in discussion of any and all things related to Oxford. The community is a great place to live, work, and visit so we want to partner with the city to promote the local atmosphere.”

So there you go. It’s not growing like gang busters or anything. But I think it’s got great potential.

Best Twitter Video Ever

So I’ve been absent from blogging a bit lately. Not really sure why. I’ve had ideas. But not put them down on the blog yet. And I’ve had the SEC Tournament, March Madness (it made me mad), allergies, and some other things going on. I’ll be back. With a force. Bank on it.

But some people have blamed Twitter for a slow-down in blogging lately. Could be. I’ve been Twittering a lot more lately (follow me here!). But it’s no excuse. But either way, I found an awesome twitter video this morning by way of Carlos. It’s simply amazing. If you know what twitter is, watch below and laugh!

Camp Video

Yesterday I came across a video that inspired me. You know of course that I made the Small Group Promo video thing last weekend. It was fun to make, and after editing it and showing it I felt a stirring to make more. But of what? There were a few ideas for the “next” video we could do for small groups at The Orchard. But what else going on at our church?

I remembered being at Innovate08 back in September. They had a film festival where churches brought some of their best videos and showed them. I was pretty surprised. Some were sermon illustrations, some were promos for upcoming events, some were just highlights and innovative announcements. But lots were really good. I’ll try to find a few and put up here soon.

But the video I saw yesterday was a promo video for a Young Life camp out in Arizona. Camp videos can be fun. I remember helping some with the video we showed each session the summer I worked at Camp Ozark (like 12 years ago. wow). They could be intense the last night of editing, and it wasn’t even my job to do it! And BreakThru made a video each year that literally finished rendering minutes before it was shown on the last night. And I made a few highlight videos here and there back in the deck to deck days.

So I know the thrill of seeing lots of different things happening and then having it all come together for something that makes a grand impression. Well, this video below blew me away. Like I said, it’s of Young Life camp. But the guy who made it and the equipment used was exceptional. But to be able to make a video like this would be a dream of mine. Enjoy.

Young Life Lost Canyon from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

My Year with Twitter

Twitter is interesting. I signed up and didn’t get it at first. I posted maybe once every 2 months. But then once I moved to Oxford I started really getting into the swing of it. It helps when you have people you know in “real life” using it as well. So when Pat (@tapdraw) started using it too, we both seemed to explode with it. If you don’t twitter yet, you should. It’s easy. Fun. Informative. And makes you cooler (right?)
Anyhow, I saw Pat did this, so I figured I’d give it a try. But it was really hard to cull down my twitter posts from 2008. So I’ll not put them all on the first page. But here are some highlights of my Twitter posts from 2008 [taken from about 34 pages of twitters (or 717 updates)].

Last Night was Invisible Children @ The Lyric.


Last night The Orchard was a host for a screening of the new Invisible Children Video, GO. You probably remember me talking a bit about it last week.

Suffice to say it was pretty amazing. The turnout was less than we expected and hoped for, but the event itself was a blast. The roadies from the IC were great. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and genuine. The movie was inspiring. It told the stories of three out of 15 high school students who were allowed to go to Africa and see the effects of the money they raised. 

In turn it inspired some of them to make an even deeper commitment to helping the cause of children in northern Uganda.

And The Lyric Theater….it’s freaking amazing [or freakhog amazing]. It’s a great venue for a movie for sure. And I look forward to seeing some bands in there soon. But even the Roadies said that normally while the movie is showing they hang out at the merch table because they’ve seen/heard it so many times. But they said that The Lyric Theater in Oxford was by far the best venue they’ve been to in terms of video quality and sound quality. They said it was like watching the movie almost for the first time again.

All in all it was great night. Hope to have a better attended event next time. I think we learned a few things about getting the word out too.

Lastly, here is an older video from Invisible Children. It shows a bit about their Displace Me Campaign from a couple of years back. The more I see from these guys, the more I’m amazed with their video production skills. Plus, this video has one of my favorite songs in it too.

Invisible Children’s New Movie “GO”

I first learned of The Invisible Children while at Passion 06 in Nashville. But in a nutshell, they’re an movement began by three young men after travelling to Africa and seeing the horrid atrocities occurring as unwanted children have fled Sudan in to Northern Uganda. There they have often been kidnapped and forced into war as child soldiers. Those three guys made a movie about what they say. It impacted a lot of people.

Invisible Children has made and is making a big difference in the lives of those children. And this weekend The Orchard in Oxford is partnering with them to bring their latest movie, GO, to The Lyric Theater on The Square in Oxford.

We set up a website for it today:
Go visit it. Find out more. And attend the screening.
October 12. The Lyric. 6pm.
Two videos below you should watch…

The trailer for the movie GO:

Part of what led to the movie:

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