Like I was saying....

What kind of answers are people looking for?

I’m not a guy who orders his week around watching e.r. But pretty much every time I watch it I like it. Here is a clip that brings up some pretty deep questions. And as a minister on staff at a church…are the people involved with our church asking similar questions?

Tell me what you think…


  1. Rick

    I think her answer that sometimes guilt is easier than forgiveness is spot on – he’s wanting to know what else he needs to do, and God offers forgiveness. He’s calling it new age, but it’s really old-timey legalism. “Are they asking these questions?” I think so, and all we have to give back is guilt and penance.

  2. Steve

    Blake, just a “thank you” for posting good thought provoking stuff on your site.

  3. Blake

    @Rick, yeah, I think we do need to accept forgiveness sometimes instead of hanging onto guilt. That is vital. But her comment of something (or God) being whatever you want it/Him to be didn’t sit right with me. And I think that sometimes churches try to answer people’s questions about God or heaven or forgiveness with “how ever you think it is for you specifically is what’s right/best”. Does that make sense.

    @Steve – You’re welcome. And I’d be very interested in your thoughts sometimes. Also…you got high speed now?

  4. Rick

    I think this is where two intelligent thinking people are seeing the same something in different and opposing ways. “Her comment of something (or God) being whatever you want it/Him to be didn’t sit right with me” – I listened/watched a few times, and I didn’t see this. She says that she thinks it’s up to us to figure out what God wants, and …. then he starts ranting, right?

  5. jeremy

    Rick – Semantically, yes, that is what she says… but she offers no hope, no guidance. When Jesus was asked a similar question, he didn’t claim that we need to find that answer on our own. He provided dialog and challenged us.

    He goes on a rant because he’s crying out in desperation for someone that can help him and she offers nothing of value.

    Sure, we all have to take our own journey to God, but when people cry out for help desperately are we to simply say “eh… figure it out yourself” … no, we do our best to guide and to lead to the forgiveness of the cross while letting the Holy Spirit do the work in the seekers life.

  6. jeremy

    and what are you doing up at 3 AM?

  7. ab

    We are surely going to run into a lot of people seeking answers, seeking truth, when they haven’t received that in their “church”. Yes, each walk is different, our relationship with God is personal and each is unique but there are common threads. Forgive yourself, repent, God already has, and that is the only thing blocking us from His Grace and Love. Often times we are the stumbling block in the way.

    Grace and Peace…

  8. Rick

    4am my time – let the dog out and got ready for an all day drive to the beach on a sixth grade field trip. And no, it’s not just semantics.

  9. g

    I can definitely understand the male character’s frustration. Unfortunately, I think many people, whether concerned about the limits of their time on this planet or not, are feeling the same way. We live in confusing times, high-pressure times, uncertain times, and people need God (and want answers) even more than they may realize.

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