Like I was saying....

What the heck am I doing?

I’ll think throughout the day about what to post on here, but I never make it to the entry page. Sheesh!

I started watching Lord of The Rings tonight with my wife and we got through the first disk before I was dozing off. (We were looking for a clip to use at church soon). It’s the expanded version (it was so short to begin with) so it’s on two DVD’s. But we decided to go ahead to bed. I brush my teeth (bad breath is killer) and lay down, but can’t get back to sleep. So I get back up and check some things online.

Tonight I had my first online draft of the Fantasy Football season. Woot! Drafting seems to be over half the fun. It was a 14 team league, so it was a deeeeeeeep draft. I did get to draft Fred Smoot, so that was special for me (gag!). I have another on Wednesday and one Sat. after next too. How much fun can a (half)grown man have with this stuff?

Good news today. After all the mess that’s coming from the craziness with the Baylor basketball team, their best player has decided to transfer to Miss State. Can you say “post depth solved”? After Mario leaving (too early) and Outlaw going to the NBA instead of Starkville, we had serious big man issues. Now with a 6-9 guy who averaged over 15 points and 10 rebounds in the Big Twelve….well, let’s just say he would start immediately. Now the NCAA needs to clear him to play next year.

A new Passion CD comes out tomrrow. Gotta get it. Might get it from here though. has quality products at great prices. But the Passion stuff has been incredible. Truly incredible. Nuff said.

Anyway, that’s enough for tonight. More to come tomorrow (I promise!)


  1. giddy

    What is "sixsteps"?

  2. Blake

    Six Steps?

    Not sure I said anything about that, but I assume you're referring to the record label that Louie Giglio heads (and publishes the Passion CD I'd mentioned.) If that is the case……

    Six Step Records ( is named after the time that King David had reclaimed the Ark of the Covenant after it had been stolen. Apparently, after getting it to bring it back, they guys took 6 steps, then stopped and David threw a party because nothing bad happened.

  3. rick

    new passion cd means that i'll be pulling the guitar back out and looking for chord/tabs online. all that, and this saturday's draft. good times, good times.

    i'm in anohter league, too – got my top qb choice: michael vick. aarrgghh. no way do i drop him, but i only give backup jay fiedler (also have matt hasselbeck/seattle – he's good for points) one week to prove himself against houston.

  4. Blake

    If you've looked at the new CD, Rick. You'll notice that almost all are "new" songs. So, yes, lots more to learn now. It will be all good.

    I think Hasselbeck is going to be a sleeper…I may be wrong though.

  5. yafreax

    you thought that last year… and the year before… hasselbeck = crappy.

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