Like I was saying....

Writer Dad…check him out

If you want to spend a little time on a blog with some interesting writing, check out Writer Dad. He’s a dad who writes. Pretty simple, huh?

But something he said today was pretty profound. It was at the close of a post he made about catching some kids messing up his neighborhood. This is what he said:

…the mothers and fathers of today should be paying more attention to the mothers and fathers of tomorrow.

Wow. Very true words.


  1. Writer Dad

    Thanks, Blake. We’re strangers no longer. Thanks for quoting my words. I’ll be by later to check out the happenings round these parts.

  2. Oktober Five

    I’m just hear to say that I love the site design. I almost want to come back just to look at it some more.

    As for Writer Dad . . . well . . . yeah, he’s pretty cool. He’s got a nice way of saying things pretty without being overbearing, or wordy, or trite, or completely grinding on the nerves.

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